Newsky TV28T RTL2832U / R820T rtl sdr budget HF CONVERTER

Newsky TV28T RTL2832U / R820T rtl sdr budget HF CONVERTER

Brand New Budget HF converter

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Here's a brand new Budget HF converter designed to go with the Newsky TV28T v2 (R820T/T2 tuner) dongle. The board comes with no plug adapters and they can be found here.

The oscillator frequency is 50 MHz and this HF converter is not suitable for the E4000 dongles.

This is a basic upconverter and its role is to shift the HF part of the spectrum and place it above 50 MHz. In order to achieve best results it should be attached to a random wire antenna.

Simple setup instructions can be found here

Each device is quality checked before dispatch!


1. Budget upconverter (HF converter)


MW reception with the Budget HF converter

SW reception with the Budget HF converter

80 meter ham radio broadcasts

40 meter ham radio broadcasts


This video was posted on Youtube by Mike Wogden and shows our upconverter in action.

All our boards are fully tested and we make sure only the working ones are dispatched.

Thank you

This item is located in the Channel Islands and UK delivery is normally within 1-2 working days!

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01/10/2018 Paul B. G7VAK I have used these with a number of dingles and they perform very well. I include a five pole filter ahead of the converter for purity but with, or without, the little units perform well.
I box these up in die cast boxes replacing the SMA connectors with BNC sockets. One sits ahead of my old and trusty Icon IC-R7000 VHF/UHF receiver to receive HF on it [works well - stable too] and my next project is to box one up in a reduced size Hammond Box and fit ahead of my RF Explorer Spectrum Analyser for HF audits.
Excellent and well recommended units.
01/31/2017 Kenny M. HF UpConverter SDR i do not have one of these but im considering it. the upconverters are fairly straight forward.. you put them inline between your dongle and the antenna. i think this model simply is powered with a usb connection. its not an issue of drivers or anything. on the sdr tuning side. you have to add the mixing frequency to what you desire to listen to. the software can do the shift operation as well. that model of IC ne612 is popular in many upconverter designs and should function as good as anything else. one model uses a 50mhz mixer the other uses as 30 mhz mixer. either should preform the same or be somewhat comparable. the pricing of the all in one SDR package for 29 GBP and has everything is a really good deal. this is one of the fiew sites that carries inexpensive SDR items as well as those that are packaged as an all in one SDR solution. its not bad really. you just have to look at the chips that they are using. most are all manufactured with same similar parts. operation and preformance should also be similar.
09/20/2016 Richard D. Budget Upconverter Great value bit of kit.
Works amazingly well on a 30cm bit of wire.
Pulls in Medium Wave, and strong shortwave stations without issue. I even had to back the gain off to 12 db when using GQRX software.
One tip, order the adapter cable (from up converter to RTL stick) also otherwise you would need to make your own.
Works great with the NooElec R820T2 card
01/5/2015 thomas y. No documentation I got the unit but there is no documentation. The seller doesn't seem to have anything on their site for support or even an email. The unit doesn't seem to work. Looked pretty simple to hookup. perhaps a driver is needed? You get what you pay for eh?
09/17/2014 Malcolm B. Service Great value when you look at what else is available and the cost.
Once again superb service,next day delivery to mainland UK!!
Many thanks

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