RTL2832U / R820T/FC00XX HF CONVERTER - 30 MHz 1ppm TCXO

Brand New Budget HF converter 30 MHz TCXO! Accurate, stable & improved.


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Here's a brand new Budget HF converter designed to go with the Newsky TV28T v2 (R820T/T2/FC00XX tuner) dongle. The board comes with no plug adapters and they can be found here.



The oscillator (TCXO) frequency is 30 MHz and this HF converter is not suitable for the E4000 dongles.



This is a basic upconverter and its role is to shift the HF part of the spectrum and place it above 30 MHz. In order to achieve best results it should be attached to a random wire antenna.


Simple setup instructions can be found here Note these are for the 50 MHz converter, but the rule is the same.

Each device is quality checked before dispatch!





1. Budget upconverter (HF converter)




MW reception with the Budget HF converter

SW reception with the Budget HF converter

80 meter ham radio broadcasts

40 meter ham radio broadcasts

All our boards are fully tested and we make sure only the working ones are dispatched.






Thank you


This item is located in the Channel Islands and UK delivery is normally within 1-2 working days!

From Title Comment
06/14/2017 Greger G. Not too bad at all Put in a die cast aluminium box and some ferrites on the power input it performs a lot better than expected.
Very few spurs, rock solid and stable signal...

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