RTL2832U / R820T2 ** 1 PPM TCXO ** SDR DAB FM USB MCX socket

RTL2832U / R820T2 ** 1 PPM TCXO ** SDR DAB FM USB MCX socket

Brand new R820T2 dongle - *MCX socket *SMD TCXO 1 PPM  *Reinforced Socket *Q Branch Direct Sampling connector pads

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This dongle comes with no adapters. You may wish to add some cables and plug adapters to your order if do not already have them.   Hardware modifications include:   *TCXO 1 PPM - provides near to perfect* frequency reading and minimal or no drift  *Tuner readings are also highly accurate and we observed NO drift after 2 hours of continues testing   Below you can see a near to perfect frequency reading of a station transmitting on 1026 MHz and received using the experimental software DS mode     ******************************************************   *Q Branch Direct Sampling connector pads - allow you to easily attach your long wire antenna to it and run it in Q Branch DS mode without breaking the dongle.     You will need to patch your software to run it below 25 MHz in software mode.   700 kHz is the lowest frequency we have received with the PSA4-5043+ booster available here. It worked well with both the R820T and R820T2 dongles. The signal was very low and only the strongest radio stations could be heard. Everything works pretty well above 2 MHz.   *The frequency range extends if you connect your long wire antenna to one of the 2 Q Branch pads and run it in Q DS mode. It is easily done, but your warranty will be void.   This stick does not come with SDR software or instructions. * Special driver is needed to receive frequencies below 24 MHz and above 1700 MHz

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