R820T2 bias tee dongle and periferals - 5V

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Here we have an R820T* dongle bias tee package which comes with an HF converter, an additional PSA4-5043+ inline preamp, a low pass Chebyshev filter and 5 adapters. There is no need for additional power supply - simply connect your peripherals to the dongle and voila.


Contents include

1. R820T dongle (the T2 version - explained below), 1ppm, TCXO, bias tee 5V

2. HF Converter, Upconverter, 30 MHz, 1ppm TCXO

3. PSA4-5043+ inline preamp

4. Voltage Isolator

5. Chebyshev low pass filter

6. MCX male - SMA female pigtail cable

7. Belling Lee female - SMA male plug

8. 'F' female - SMA male plug

9. BNC male - SMA male plug

10. BNC female - SMA male plug

11. CD with instructions


HF Converter

PSA4-5043+ inline preamp

Voltage Isolator - very important! You need to use it in order to prevent the fuse tripping if you wish to connect your dongle directly to your antenna.

Chebyshev low pass filter.


The power comes from the antenna socket of the dongle. Simply connect the upconverter or the booster to it and voila.

Precise and stable frequency reading due to the TCXOs used both in the dongle and the upconverter

Note the frequency shift (-30 MHz)


R820T2 explained.

There is no R820T2 chip and what we buy is the old R820T tuner with just a number added to the name at the end. A few years ago the market of the R820T dongles was beginning to show signs of slowing down so the engineers in China came up with the idea of changing a few passive elements on the R820T PCB in order to improve its performance with the little antenna they supplied. That on its own would not increase sales though, therefore they resorted to a little trick and they added the number 2 to the name. In order to test this theory we swapped the R820T tuner with the T2 on their boards and we did not notice any difference in performance as measured before the swap. The R820T board with the T2 chip performed exactly as it did with the T tuner and vice versa. We concluded that the T2 tuner chip does not exist and the name was only introduced to improve sales.

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